A Slightly Less Bold Post on Avocado

Happy Sunday everyone! On this weeks episode of The Sunday Quickie, I would like to take a look at another food favorite of mine, the avocado…

If there is as food as a second place finisher in the race that peanut butter will win every time, then the almighty avocado is a definite contender. Also called an alligator pear, the avocado is a fruit, specifically a berry as it encases one, large seed. The avocado tree is partially self pollinating, so in a way it has it’s own ability to provide quality control.

I guess you probably want me to drop the general information session and get on with the good stuff. The nutrients and why they may be of benefit to your training and diet. I’ll begin with diet as that’s an area of obsessive interest to me. As a year round low carber that actually enjoys being in ketosis, the fact that 75 percent of an avocado’s calories are provided by the heart protective fat of the monosaturated variety. This means that this is a perfect food for those in ketosis and it’s great for your cardiovascular health.

Getting into the vitamin content of this unique berry, on a gram by gram comparison to bananas, avocados have 35 percent more potassium. Considering bananas are off the menu a lot of the time, that’s great news. Also the avo is rich in B vitamins, those same vitamins you’ll be missing from all that bread you aren’t eating. Vitamin K is also present and is an important nutrient for bone health amongst other things. I’ll also add that the avocado has a very high fiber content, which is sometimes referenced as a concern with the anti ketosis crowd.

To finish this off in a mish mash of information, the avocado has been shown to lower LDL (bad cholesterol), raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower triglyceride levels as well. They also contain a unique combination of alophatic acetogenins and as a result are currently being researched for their anti cancer activity. Lastly, and this is important if you’re vegan, avocados are a complete protein source.

That’s a lot of great stuff packed into 1 alligator pear! I would hazard a guess that you learned something here today and I’m all to happy to be a part of that. Enjoy your health everyone and until next time,

Happy Lifting!


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