The ABC’s Of Muscle Growth


In the never-ending quest to build muscle, there is also a corresponding never-ending sharing of ideas, hypothesis and theories. Some work and some not so much. The two factors that make the most sense to me are time under tension, literally meaning how long a muscle spends under the stress of the weight or form of resistance, and fatigue, meaning how tired a muscle is. The longer the time under tension and the further exhausted a muscle is, then the greater the adaptive response meaning more muscle mass.

What this means is that lifting heavy weights alone is not enough to guarantee the largest muscles you are genetically capable of building. The example that powerlifters are extremely strong and yet not as big as bodybuilders who are not as strong is a good one. If just lifting heavy weights isn’t all that is required to get big, then what is?

Well, I mentioned above time under tension and fatigue. Those two factors are important to consider. Then there’s this review article that takes a different look at muscular hypertrophy. In this paper the author breaks down muscle growth into three categories: muscular tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage. What we’ll look at next is what it is exactly that these three factors mean to you and how you can use them to grow new muscle size. Until next time,

Happy Lifting!

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