#abs: The Money Muscles 2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of #abs: The Money Muscles. A lot of you really seemed to very much enjoy the first part of this three part mini series given the number of comments I received on twitter, and I hope you’ll enjoy the next two parts just as much, if not more. As part of the changes that are happening here at MattToronto.com, Tuesdays and Thursdays will feature specific muscles, their function, and how to train them for maximal strength, growth, and athletic efficiency. In my opinion, and I’m sure yours as well or else you wouldn’t be reading here, the human body is an amazing specimen. Capable of doing so much, and through learning and the sharing of knowledge I believe that we all become that much more capable of expanding and extending the boundaries of our physical abilities. This is a very exciting concept to me as I feel there is a somewhat collective result when we all work together to further ourselves and our sport. Having said that, let’s get our learnin’ on!

In the the first installment of #abs: The Money Muscles, we learned the six muscles that make up the abdominal portion of our core. Those six muscles are the transverse abdominis, the internal oblique, the external oblique, and the rectus abdominus. Both sets of oblique muscles are located on either side of the body, so those two pairs added to the other two muscles comprise the six muscles of the abdominal region.