Avoiding Fall Fat Gain

Starting in the fall a lot of us tend to transition from eating light foods, and smoothies to hearty, large meals like stews, pasta, and chili. Foods like pasta and potatoes are so much denser in carbs than veggies, so it’s important to pay attention to the macro nutrients at each meal. When you’re preparing a stew, pasta, or casserole dish, make 50 percent of the bulk of the recipe vegetables, and keep the starchy portion to as minimal as possible. This method will prevent you from overloading on carbs, but you’ll still get to enjoy a generous portion. A stew won’t be any less satisfying if there are no potatoes, just load up on the other veggies.

Another issue for some this time of year is Halloween. Grocery stores are full of the mini candy bars, chips, and candy, but those small versions of junk food can add up to major fat gain. If you buy candy, do so at the last-minute. If you don'[t have it in a cupboard, you won’t reach for it in a moment of weakness. Studies show the more steps you have to go through to get a food, the less of it you’ll eat. If it’s easily accessable you’ll grab it without even thinking about it.

Fall also brings new TV shows, and the return of the old favorites. The average adult watches almost five hours of television per day, and unfortunately it can be devastating to your fitness efforts. Your metabolism slows down, and you eat more. So when you’re watching TV, be sure to plan your healthy snack in advance. Popcorn is probably the best, but a jar of peanut butter with a spoon is my steady, but I wouldn’t recommend it for many. Peanut butter is very caloric, and it’s easy to get carried away. For those that want to zone out and crunch something while relaxing, popcorn is definitely a good option.

In order to keep weight from gaining unwanted body fat you have to continue doing whatever allowed you to lose it in the first place. Any activity that isn’t ingrained in your lifestyle is going to come back and bite you if you don’t keep it up. If can’t possibly imagine keeping up what you’re doing, the chances are high that six months from now, you’ll be right back where you started.

I often use the word lifestyle, and that’s why it’s part of the name of Lifestyle and Strength. Anyone wanting to be successful in maintaining a happy, and healthy body must make their training a part of their life. Always. That doesn’t mean that you have to drag yourself through the same routine day in, day out. It does mean that you need to find things that you like to do, and build a program from those options.

In my opinion, changing your relationship with food, and the way you see yourself is the true foundation of a successful healthy lifestyle. If you want to stop the seasonal up and down weight gain and weight loss cycle that too many partake in, this has to become your lifestyle. A lifestyle is something that is lived daily. Don’t wait until January to start thinking about getting in shape for next summer. The easiest fat to lose is the fat that you don’t gain, than it is to start all over again.

Happy Lifting!

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