Bell Peppers: Low Carb Fat Loss Fruit Recipes

Hello and Happy Sunday to you all! It’s a holiday weekend on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, so that makes today sort of like a second Saturday. Summer long weekends are a wonderful thing, and I hope you are all enjoying the first official long weekend of summer. It is of course time for The Sunday Quickie at this corner of the internet, and as has become the tradition du jour, I bring you the recipes of the food that was featured earlier in the week. Of course if it is featured here the food will be both low carb and offer a variety of nutrients that put it above most other common foods. In time as the food list grows here you will have a well stocked pantry and recipe book of what can be termed super foods. So let’s get to a few more adaptations or experiments that didn’t crash and burn and survived to become MattToronto originals.

I hope you haven’t prepared breakfast yet because this first offering is both delicious and simple. If you’re using omega eggs, then the nutritional boost from this meal will have you setting PR’s in a short while.

Red Pepper Toad In The Hole

1-2 large peppers, color of your choosing-cut into the same number of rings as eggs you’re having, 1/2 inch thick roughly

4-8 eggs, depending on how hungry you are

pepper or cayenne

A few handfuls of salad greens on a plate with olive oil drizzled on top

grated cheese-cheddar, parmesan-whatever you’re in the mood for

coconut oil

Coat the bottom of a skillet with coconut oil. If you’re making eight eggs as I do, you may need to get some double barrel stovetop action happening. That’s two frying pans at once in less mancentric terms. Add the pepper rings, crack an egg into the middle of each ring, season with pepper or my favorite-cayenne. Cook the eggs in the peppers for a few, flip, cook another minute, put on the greens-done! Easy, delicious, loads of protein, healthy fats and nutrients from the pepper. Perfect muscle food.

Sauteed Peppers, Mushrooms and Onions with Flank Steak

1 pepper, color of your choosing-sliced

1 onion-chopped

a few handfuls of brown mushroom-white will do but brown is preferred-sliced

1 hot pepper-diced

Flank steak-lots of it and sliced thinly

pepper or cayenne

coconut oil

Cover the bottom of a decent sized skillet with coconut oil. Add in the peppers-both kinds, as well as the onions and mushrooms. Cook over medium heat until they’re looking soft, but not mushy. Add in the flank steak, pepper or cayenne. Cook long enough until your steak is the way you like it. Put the whole meal on a plate-dig in! More delicious muscle food.

Stuffed Taco Peppers with Avocado

4 pepper-tops off and dice the tops, minus the stems of course. Remove the seeds.

1 pound extra lean ground beef

1/2 cup salsa

1/2 cup cheddar-grated

avocado-mashed with lime juice added

pepper or cayenne

Brown the extra lean ground beef. I don’t drain it as there is very little fat in extra lean. Add the salsa, diced pepper tops, cheese and pepper/cayenne when the beef is browned-just do it in the pan, no need to make more dishes. Add the pepper or cayenne as well. Stuff the mixture into the pepper. This is my single serving size so if it’s for more people, just double or triple the recipe. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes-you want the peppers to soften somewhat but remain crunchy. Spread the avocado and lime mixture over the top and enjoy! This is my version of a low carb taco. The pepper provides the crunch and lots of nutrients, without all the corn taco carb load. Delicious, easy and nutritious. More muscle food!

There you have it. Three of my favorites. I hope you try them and let me know if you do. Everything I make takes nutrition into consideration, but also it has to be fast and easy with not much mess. If it meets those stipulations then it gets added to my recipe collection. Just because we eat for health and maximum physical performance doesn’t mean that it can’t be great tasting too. Have a great day and join me tomorrow for Motivational Mondays. I have more training tales from the gym about my experiences with my training partner Ryan. I hope to see you here tomorrow,

Happy Lifting!


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