Body Composition: Getting The Most Out Of Your Cardio

You do cardio – but are you getting MAXIMUM results from your efforts?

DAYNE HUDSON from FIT’N’FLEXED gives his supplement tips on how to get more bang for your buck.

You tighten your shoe laces and breathe out heavily.

Yep. It’s cardio time.

And so you take off, with goal of either increasing your fitness or shedding body fat.

For this article, we will focus on losing body fat, which is what most people are aiming for as they take to the pavement.

However, there are two things I wanted to focus on here, 1. The TYPE of cardio you’re doing and the SUPPLEMENTS you’re taking BEFORE cardio, to further enhance that fat burning process!


Let’s not joke around – the harder you work – the better your results.

Short and intense HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO sessions will help you to continue to break through your fat loss plateaus. I’m talking about 30 seconds on the rower WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT, followed by 30 rest, for 12-15 minutes.

But there is a down side – it’s VERY intense and can make your recovery, in conjunction with a heavy weight training schedule, very difficult.

The alternative is LISS cardio – LOW INTENSITY STEADY STATE CARDIO. Although this will only bring temporary results to the fat loss table, it’s a lot easier to perform.

However, fat loss gains will continue to come from LISS training, if you LENGTHEN the time you walk for slowly over time and even bring in a SECOND LISS session in later on in the evening.


Week 1-2

MONDAY, WED, THUR (LISS sessions in the AM)

Week 2-4

MONDAY, WED THUR (LISS sessions in the AM and AFTER WEIGHTS on the WEDNESDAY [and just the AM on the other days])

Week 4-6

MONDAY, WED, THUR, SAT (LISS sessions in the AM and AFTER WEIGHTS on WEDNESDAY [and just the AM on the other days])

If you’re part ENDOMORPH like me (see earlier articles on training for your body type) HIGH INTENSITY cardio is a GREAT way to kick a SHREDDING phase off, but because I’m part ENDOMORPH, I need to drop my carbs A LOT (I’m talking just 100 grams of carbs on a high day) to lose body fat (I’m currently at 5% bodyfat as I write this).

I simply can’t afford to sustain doing HIGH INTENSITY cardio, because I DON’T have the adequate nutrition to RECOVER.

But when I’m starting out – HIIT is the preferred option, to frighten my body into realising: “It’s time to drop fat buddy!”

REMEMBER: RECOVERY is the MOST IMPORTANT thing when it comes to making changes to your body.

You can’t race a car with a tired/wasted engine. It’ll lose and BREAK DOWN every time.

For more DETAIL on the studies behind both LOW INTENSITY STEADY STATE CARDIO and HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO, watch my video on my TV show FIT’N’FLEXED here:

FAT LOSS is like a final fight scene between the good guy and bad guy in a HOLLYWOOD movie.

To succeed – you must always have that BACK UP WEAPON in your back pocket ready to surprise your enemy with to win!

In this case, your obvious enemy is your stubborn pockets of body fat that you’re convinced you can’t lose.

But as you know – the bad guys always die, and you’ll be killing all of them after this.


Let me focus on just TWO supplements that will really enhance the fat burning effect. Bring them in after week 3.

Remember: the weapon to surprise your enemy with!

The first supplement is good old-fashioned CAFFEINE.

Now be careful here – BLACK COFFEE is the best option. It’ll rise your metabolic rate, helping you burn MORE calories throughout the day. Throw a cup of BLACK COFFEE down your neck (for the cost of ZERO calories) around 15-30 mins before cardio.

I shake my head at the people who drink a high-powered energy drink before cardio – thinking the caffeine will help them. The sugar will put them onto the express train to obesity, diabetes and more body fat before they can even say “FAT LOSS!”

The next – CARNITINE.

Not only do recent studies show it boosts athletic performance, but it’s a very STRONG fat burner.

Carnitine is responsible for transporting fat into cells used for the body for energy. When you take Carnitine, you body becomes better at processing fuel – which will subsequently give your energy levels a boost.

Take your CARNITINE a half an hour before your walk in conjunction with your cup of black coffee – and you can be sure that like always, the bad guys will ALWAYS die.

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Dayne Hudson

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Happy Lifting!

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4 comments for “Body Composition: Getting The Most Out Of Your Cardio

  1. Jazmin
    December 8, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Awesome article! Very informative and glad to hear that my experience with fat burning is on the right track, since I enjoy a cup a joe time to time as a preworkout. Its not only the cheapest way but most efficient! I also take my carnitine with meals throughout the day, helps keep the weight off as well. Happy Training! 😉

  2. December 7, 2012 at 4:42 am


    Cheers for the question!

    Green tea is good for caffeine too, however even some caffeine pills would work nicely. YOu want around 300mg of caffeine BEFORE training, so if you can get hold of anything with that – then you’re sweet!

    Post cardio nutrition – you need to get some BCAA’S in immediately, to prevent any futher muscle breakdown.

  3. December 6, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Dayne,

    Nice timing as I was just going to ask Matt about cardio nutrition. Although my main question was about post cardio nutrition this was a great thing to read. I absolutely hate coffee, I could force myself to do it if I had to but would really prefer something else. Any other thoughts? Green tea maybe? What about a preworkout such as C4?

    Any thoughts about post cardio nutrition? Seems like this is the one thing I can’t ever get any consistent studies on. This is the one thing in training I’m completely unsure what’s the best thing to do.

    Thanks, nice article!

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