Body Composition: Leg Extensions

In my opinion, there’s no more important muscle group to train RIGHT more than legs.

Granted, you should be giving each muscles the same amount of attention but legs will generate MORE testosterone than any other muscle.

Most guys stare at you like you’re re-incarnated when you tell them they will experience better all round muscle growth just by training legs.

I wanted to focus on the one particular exercise – the LEG EXTENSION.

Now although this is not the be all to end all to leg growth – it can be extremely effective in hitting weak points if used correctly.

You can’t beat squatting – it’s that simple – but don’t underestimate the punch this bad boy can deliver.

HOW you position your feet whilst using the leg extension, and the quality of your FORM, is vital here. It will have a big impact on your results.

Neglecting both, like I see a lot, is a waste of your time!


The leg extension is particularly important for hitting the three major parts of your legs: the Vastus Intermedius (middle) the Vastus Medialis (the inner muscle, commonly referred to as the “teardrop”) and the Vastus Lateralis (the outer part of your leg, often referred to as the sweep).


Point your feet inwards to work the Vastus Lateralis, and outwards to focus on the Vastus Medialis (the tear drop).


Read this part TWICE.

Because your form on the leg extension is make or break.

Explode up – but for the love of everything holy – come down SSLLLOOWWWLLYYYY. Over FOUR seconds is always my benchmark.

If you’ve ever watched 6 x Mr OLYMPIA Dorian Yates train legs – you’ll see how slow he lowers the weight.

This is when you’re really going to be putting those fibers under the most tension – particularly when fatigue begins to kick in.

Also – focus on pointing your toes DIRECTLY up at the sky as you complete each rep. You will really notice the difference in the quality of the contraction.

Make sure too, that when you hit the top, you HOLD the contraction and SQUEEZE your quads, whilst continuing to point your toes directly to the sky.

It’s so important that you master this – because I see too many people just swinging the weight up and down – and getting NOTHING out of the exercise at all.

Now read it again.


As I mentioned, the leg extension is not the pick of the quadriceps builders. But it can be VERY effective. You can use it in your quadriceps training to pre-exhaust, or to apply that last pump.


(using the LEG EXTENSION to pre-exhaust)

3 x 20 reps (Leg extension)

3 x squats

2 x leg press (drop set on the last)

1 x hack squat (give it everything you’ve got)


3 x leg press

4 x squats

3 x leg extension (15-20 reps)

Don’t be afraid to use LOW reps on the leg extension, but make sure you’ve done AT LEAST 4 WARM UP sets first.

Many people have suffered knee injuries from the leg extension, but only because they have failed to warm up adequately.

Even if it’s your last exercise during the LAST PUMP workout above, just do 2 light sets first to get the mind and muscle connection in gear before lifting a weight where perfect FORM is possible.

Paying attention to this is sure to provide you with a killer pair of pins.


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Happy Lifting!

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