According to a new study, men’s testosterone level increases when exposed to a harmful chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is found in plastics and in many consumer items like food and beverage containers. It is said that the BPA exposure mainly occurs through food products, dental sealants, skin exposure, and inhaling dust particles. Many nations have banned the use of this chemical in making baby bottles, and other food related products.

According to the study, BPA causes hormonal changes in men, thereby causing increased level of testosterone in the blood. The results found in the study are in fact the same as the laboratory experiments. It must be said that this is just an initial finding, and the take away from this study is that very mild exposure to the chemical can bring hormonal changes in men.

As per an earlier study, BPA and estrogen have similar molecular structures and lead to sexual disturbance in humans. BPA is also found to cause thyroid hormone disruption, altered pancreatic beta-cell function, heart disease, and obesity. Population studies indicated that almost 90 percent of people had BPA metabolites in their urinary samples. Researchers believe that higher urinary BPA level causes adverse effects in humans.

While on the surface it may sound almost like a good thing that testosterone is raised by exposure to BPA, however it is undoubtedly also disrupting many other functions within the body that make the small, but significant increase in testosterone, definitely not a worthwhile trade-off. More study is needed, but the consensus is clear that BPA in our diet is harmful , and offers no beneficial health effects.


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