Colin DeWaay

Born in 1979 I was a very skinny kid growing up and remained so well into my twenties. I had aspirations to be someone with muscle all my life, but always struggled with it. I lifted on and off for many years, but never took it seriously enough and especially never understood the importance of nutrition until 2008 shortly after my son Cy was born. I had actually had gained weight by then, but it wasn’t the weight I always wanted to put on, more “sympathy weight.” I wasn’t large by any means and was still relatively skinny, but I really didn’t like what my body had become.

I finally started doing some real research on my own and discovered just how vital the proper nutrition was for gaining muscle. I always assumed you just had to lift weights and you would get big, but boy was I ever wrong. When I started eating right I also started seeing results, and the rest is history. Ever since then I’ve been a complete fitness addict and my passion has grown into so much more than just wanting muscle.

Being a family man now has meant finding a way to balance raising a kid and having a family life with my training. It helps to have a very loving and supportive wife who knows how important your passion is to you. My wife Theresa has always been by my side and is as supportive of a wife anyone could ask for. She encourages me to keep up with my training and to keep playing in my baseball and basketball leagues I’m in. Family does come first, but I really do believe you have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others. I very much hope to teach my son the importance of a healthy lifestyle as he grows older.

Now that I’m where I am, I find myself helping others out a lot. People who don’t have the knowledge, but want to change their lives. I find myself wanting to help others more and more all the time and figuring out how I can reach people and help them understand just how important healthy living is and how great it feels. I want people to know they can do it and they need to stop selling themselves short. That it’s never too late and that they can make real positive changes. Will this passion of mine eventually grow into something bigger in life? Right now I don’t know, but I really hope it does.

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