Dara Cox

daratumblrDara has always been involved in sports and fitness and that naturally led her to major in Kinesiology in University and pursue a career as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. She works full-time as a trainer, is married with two furbabies (a cat and a dog) and when she isn’t working, cooking, training or eating she likes to read, watch movies, blog, explore Toronto and play video games with her husband. Most recently she has become involved in competitive fitness and is a member of Team Blessed Bodies. Her own personal journey with fitness and her experience successfully coaching clients to their fitness goals  has enabled her to be knowledgeable, empathetic and effective in helping others!

Dara’s personal fitness journey has had its ups and downs. In 2009 she was involved in an accident on a city bus that left her with a concussion, whiplash, contusions, and back strain. The concussion caused insomnia which led to depression. Antidepressants coupled with poor eating habits and no physical activity (due to injuries) led to a 40 pound weight gain in a few short months. When it seemed like there was no way she would ever get back to the healthy, fit person she was before the accident, Dara decided to take control of her own future and started her journey back to health in August 2010.  Today she is a successful fitness competitor, and an aspiring fitness model. You can follow her day-to-day life, struggles and triumphs at www.eattrainandbemerry.tumblr.com.

Dara knows that exercise is very important for building a fit physique and staying healthy, but to get and stay lean you have to be very careful about what you eat! She believes that everyone can eat clean and maintain a lean physique all year round, if you properly plan, prepare and persevere. She will share her strategies for living a busy, modern life and balancing food, fitness and fun!


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