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Vitamin-C like you find in citrus fruits, and many vegetables including the common potato, increases blood flow. Pressurized blood flow is what an erection is. This causes the blood flow to an area essential for performance to increase, while the veins leaving the same area are narrow-allowing one to maintain a heightened state of performance. This is precisely the same way that certain medications work.

Vitamin-B9, also known as folate, which is the natural version, while folic acid is the manufactured version. There is evidence that suggests that folate/folic acid reduces abnormal sperm. There is also evidence that when combined with zinc, the sperm count of a man can be elevated. Asparagus, avocado, bananas, papaya, and cantaloupe are great sources of B9.

Carnitine and vitamin-E have both been linked to enhanced performance in the boudoir. Supplementing with carnitine has shown to have similar results that are equal to certain medications in helping with sexual dysfunction. Vitamin-E keeps blood from dangerously clotting and keeps your cells functioning well. It’s easy to get in things like seeds, nuts, and avocado.

Vitamin-B12 is one of those vitamins that we can only get from animal based protein sources. Eggs, and dairy as well are included in that list. It has been postulated that B12 can cure abnormal sperm production, and therefore male infertility. The results are as of yet inconclusive, however getting enough of it can’t hurt.

Vitamin-B3, otherwise known as niacin is important because it helps to produce hormones, as well as to help with circulation-which if you recall helps to produce good memories between consenting adults. It therefore has been linked to curing erectile dysfunction.

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