Fat Loss Fundamentals

Strength training and regular physical activity will provide several health benefits, and make it much easier to enable fat loss. Although exercise can cure much of what ails us, it is not the only fat loss solution. Exercise is a wonderful compliment to a healthy lifestyle, but it does not make a for healthy lifestyle on its own.

It’s a mistake to believe that if you go to the gym everyday you can eat whatever you want. We are best served eating a diet that will keep insulin in check, and at the same time enhance our sensitivity to the hormone. Eating a diet that is based around natural food sources that provide our body with every nutritional need is also of paramount importance.

Getting back to exercise, aerobic exercise is not the most effective exercise mode for fat loss because it doesn’t increase muscle mass, or raise metabolism significantly. There is also evidence that suggests that our immune system is suppressed during aerobic exercise. Steady state cardio also elevates cortisol levels, which will lead to protein degradation, and also has the potential to enhance fat gain.

Conversely, strength training and high-intensity intervals can help to create an energy deficit which is necessary in order to lose fat. Training will also build muscle which will increase our resting metabolic rate. Intense training elevates our metabolism during the recovery period, which means our body uses more energy to heal. This furthers the energy deficit, and fat loss as a result.

74f9f6855973b444dd01a7d85368dfc5Strength training is well-known to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. The very act of contracting our muscles makes them more receptive to storing energy. Making the body more sensitive to insulin improves energy use, and enhances our metabolism. The more effective our body is at storing energy in muscle tissue as opposed to fat cells, the less fat is accumulated.

Happy Lifting!

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