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As complicated as the fitness industry tries to make things, almost every approach to training will work. Steady state, sprints, Olympic lifting, crossfit, bodybuilding, circuit training, spinning, yoga, and the thousands of other variations all have their merit within the context of their own structure. Of course some will work better than others.

It makes perfect sense that every trainee has somewhat different goals, and those goals will shape the method of training that will be most beneficial. German volume training may not be the best place to start if you’re trying to improve your endurance for long distance running, and a spin class probably isn’t the greatest idea for someone looking to build some muscle.

There are three truths that apply to anyone trying to get bigger, stronger, or leaner. They are respectively:

1. Recruiting muscle, and then working it in a progressively more intense manner so that adaptation is necessary, will result in muscle growth.

2. Lifting progressively heavier weights, thereby forcing a neural adaptation to occur whereby more muscle fiber can be more efficiently recruited, will result in strength gains.

3. A caloric deficit that forces the body to burn its own stored energy for fuel in order to make up the energy deficit, will result in fat loss.

It’s really that simple. No fitness trend has found a way to improve upon the above information. The nature of the goal will for the most part dictate the course that is best to follow.

If getting strong is the plan, then working in the low rep ranges with progressively heavier weights is an effective strategy. You’re going to need to work the muscle using a wider variety of exercises, and a varying rep range if muscle growth is the goal. With regards to fat loss, the only thing that needs to be addressed is diet. None of this is very complicated, but in reality this is all anyone needs to know before they consider the latest exercise trend to be the sure-fire cure-all for every fitness goal.

Happy Lifting!


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