Health Benefits of Vitamin-B2

Vitamin-B2, also known as riboflavin, is one of the eight water-soluble vitamins that are essential to maintaining a healthy body. Combined, these eight vitamins are often referred to as B complex vitamins. Vitamin-B2 has a great number of benefits to the body. You can easily get adequate levels of B2 in your diet, but if you are not getting enough then supplementation is a viable alternative.

Both vitamins B1 and B2 are needed to make glucose from carbohydrates. This glucose is used by the body for immediate energy, or is stored as glycogen or fat. Without vitamin-B2 it is very difficult for our bodies to complete this process. If our body’s are unable to create energy, it can cause many other detrimental health effects.

B2, along with the seven other B complex vitamins, also break down proteins and fats. This alone is reason to make sure that you get adequate quantities of this vitamin. Energy to train, having protein available to help muscles recuperate, and assistance in breaking down fat is fitness summed up in one vitamin. B2 alone also acts as a highly efficient antioxidant, serving the body by helping to eliminate free radicals.

Vitamin-B2 is only found in a few food items so it is not uncommon for a deficiency to arise. It is particularly common for elderly people to suffer from a deficiency in vitamin-B2. The most effective way is to take B complex supplements although it is possible to get specific B2 supplements that are soluble in water, or are in a tablet form.

Vitamin B2 supplements can be used as a supportive supplement for certain conditions as well. B2 is proven to help protect the eyes and prevent damage to them. Cataracts can be prevented through supplemental use of vitamin B2. It is important to remember that, as with all supplements, it is possible to take too much. More than ten milligrams per day can actually have the opposite effect and cause damage to the retina, because the surplus of supplemental B2 causes the retina to become more sensitive.

Riboflavin is most commonly found in eggs, almonds, liver, cheese, and wheat bran. Light destroys vitamin-B2 so it is important to store B2 supplements or food items that contain it away from direct sunlight to protect the potency. Make sure you get enough to turn those pre-workout carbs into available energy to train hard!

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