The Most Delicious Diet – KETOSIS

According to my own research, which I have double checked, cross referenced and even discussed with some very smart people, the population of the world is 50 percent male, give or take a few. I’m in that particular demographic so please forgive me for the gross, albeit accurate, generalizations that are to follow. Men like to eat fatty, filling food that is definitely not conducive to fat loss. Or is it exactly that?

What if I told you that all you had to do was to make a few small modifications to that bacon double cheeseburger or the triple steak burrito with sour cream and extra guacamole in order to turn these meals into fat burning and muscle building fuel. They already are going to be more than adequate as they are in terms of muscle gain, but as far as fat loss is concerned, you may as well eat cake. So getting back to the modifications required to turning foods like these in fat busting meals, just remove the carbohydrates.

In both instances above, it’s the flour in the bun or burrito that will cause the fat to be stored. If you remove the energy source that your body has the easiest time using, the carbs, from the meal, then your body will be forced to use fats as its primary energy source. After your brain has decided that there are no more carbs available that is. Which takes time. Until that time comes it will continue to produce its own glucose from protein.

After a few days or a week your brain will give up on its belief that it’s good buddy the carb is ever coming back. At this time your brain is going to switch to using ketones for fuel. This is a wonderful thing. When this change occurs your body is now using its own fat for its primary source of fuel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No longer is there a mystical fat burning zone that you must try to enter. You are in that zone all the time even when you’re sleeping.

Here’s where the misunderstandings begin with this type of diet, known simply as keto to those of us believers. You still need to consume fewer than maintenance calories in order to shed the unwanted fat. It doesn’t mean that your intake can exceed what your body uses for maintenance calories just because you’re in ketosis. It’s not a magical state that burns fat regardless of how much you eat. On a side note you don’t burn fat unless you’re barbecuing, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

Another issue that critics of this dietary approach have is that eating a diet based on bacon cheeseburgers minus the bun can’t be healthy. It’s to those critics I have this to say: obviously. No one said that in order to get into and stay in ketosis you have to shun all vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and the like. To do so would be very unwise. You’d feel terrible for starters.

What you are avoiding is carbohydrates, not all foods other than fats. You are essentially replacing your carbohydrate intake with fats and low carbohydrate fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy. In the follow up to this article I intend to expand on these options.

As I stated in the beginning of this rant, this diet is perfect for the meat and fat loving man. It even works for the other 50 percent of the earth’s population. You round it out with other foods that are low on the glycemic index and you’ve got a healthy diet that is ideal for fat burning. On a personal note, I find that once I get into ketosis I actually have more energy as glucose is no longer being relied upon. Fortunately there is always a steady stream of fat for fuel. Or is that unfortunately?

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