Improve Training Performance With Caffeine

Regardless of the method that caffeine is consumed pre-workout, either in supplement form or from organic coffee or green tea, it is an excellent way to improve workout intensity and focus, as well as work capacity. Using a supplement that includes the amino acids tyrosine and L-phenylalinine will prevent the caffeine crash feeling. Vitamin C post-training accelerates caffeine metabolism, and this is useful those that train in the evening. 1000 – 2000 mg will help to speed the caffeine from our system.

There are several studies that suggest the use of coffee for everything including greater endurance ability, cardiovascular health, less delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from eccentric training, and fat burning as well. New evidence shows that caffeine can improve motivation and work capacity when weight lifting. In the study the subjects ingesting a caffeinated energy drink that also contained vitamins, and they completed significantly more work, had a lower rating of perceived exertion than a placebo trial, and reported feeling more motivated.

The pleasure that a large jug of coffee, or a quadruple espresso (my personal preference) is enough reason to consume this wonderful morning (or afternoon) tonic, but the fact that our training benefits as well just makes caffeine that much more enjoyable!

Happy Lifting!

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