Knowing, Training and Eating For Your Body Type


JUDE LAW’S Alfie character could walk into a bar, stare a beautiful woman in the eye and walk out of there with her within five minutes, hand in hand, before even knowing how to spell her first name.

You’re probably wondering, “What does this have to do with fitness and packing on muscle mass?”

Put simply, what works for one man – doesn’t work for another.
Adding lean muscle mass is no different.
This is because we ALL have DIFFERENT body types.

Identifying YOUR body type is the first step and a VERY important one, for anyone looking to gain lean mass, or to bring out your abs.

There is no SET FORMULA, one SET DIET, or one SET REP RANGE – for ONE particular man (or woman). Some just react differently to different things.

By the end of this THREE-PART series, I hope to have given you enough information so as to know WHAT will work for your body type and WHY.

The first step is to IDENTIFY your body type.


There are THREE types. You are either ONE of these THREE – or a combination of TWO.

They are:


We all know one. This is the guy you envy – that eats more chips than are in a casino and never puts on any weight. Naturally skinny – an ECTOMORPH has a very high metabolism. An ECTOMORPH will claim he CANNOT put on weight – but that is rubbish.

With a calorie surplus – weight gain is guaranteed. An ECTOMORPH who says they never put on weight simply isn’t educated enough when it comes to nutrition.

If you’re an ECTOMORPH – my promise to you is that by the end of this series – you’ll be packing on the weight like it’s Christmas!


This is the person who naturally has a muscular and athletic frame and tends to carry and store body fat more easily than the ECTOMORPH. However, amidst that fat are some decent layers of muscle mass, that a MESOMORPH hasn’t had to work that hard to achieve. A MESOMORPH puts on muscle quite easily and is naturally athletic. They also respond very well to weight training, but can have a difficult time dropping body fat.


ENDOMORPH’S generally have some good natural size – but they’re covered with some soft layers of body fat. Their muscles aren’t as defined as a MESOMORPH, and their waists are generally a lot wider. ENDOMORPH’S have to work pretty hard to keep the fat off. But the plus side is – like a MESOMORPH – they gain muscle easily.

This is the theory of the Somatypes – which was established in the 1940’s by American psychologist Dr William H. Sheldon. We all fit either ONE of a combination of the above Somatypes.

OK! I know which body type or combination I am! Now what

Armed with this information – you’re know a step closer towards knowing HOW you can go about achieving your goals.

Whether it’s to drop fat at the speed of light – or gain mountains of fresh muscle tissue, knowing what works for you and your body type is paramount.

There’s no use copying diet programs from websites, magazines, or that muscly freak in your gym.

It’s time to find something that works for YOU so that you can fast track your results, and cause some serious changes in your physique.

I look forward to our physiques changing across this little series!

See you in the gym,


Happy Lifting!

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  1. October 13, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    I’m interested in further differentiation between endo and meso … it seems to be a relatively fine line… any further info would be greatly appreciated

  2. October 11, 2012 at 8:00 am

    I’m with you Tim, considering your body type isn’t the first thing you think of when beginning a training program. Great information!

  3. Tim
    October 11, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Love the info always look forward to reading and learning.Thanks!

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