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Here it is folks, the unannounced unveiling of the new, and soon to be improved website that was formerly known as A blog it is no more, not that it really was for very long anyway. quickly evolved into a site that featured a lot more information, than it did my opinion. That’s not the whole reason for the name change.

When I started MattToronto, it was just me writing about whatever I felt like, whenever I wanted. Which is what a blog is. It’s not just me writing anymore though, and I’m not just writing about whatever I feel like – I’m writing to share the knowledge that makes our lifestyle so amazing. There are also others contributing, albeit only two for the moment, but I hope to welcome more contributors that want to add their passionate voice to this growing fitness family.

I will promise you this, what you came to expect from will be continued here. Now there is room to handle the increasing traffic, as well as some of the other projects that I look forward to introducing at some point. For now though, the change is mostly in name.

Welcome everyone interested in living a lifestyle that includes a strong body, a healthy mind, and a well-fed soul. Make yourself at home at the site where your needs will be addressed, and your passion will be celebrated. Welcome to Lifestyle and Strength.

Happy Lifting!

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