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My husband does not like lower body work. His face contorts into a grimace every time I describe a lower body workout I’ve just gone through with my trainer, Eli. I admit that I take a certain perverse pleasure in describing my workouts to him, detailing not only what I did specifically, but also the number of reps.

It’s only when I actually say it aloud that I take the time to marvel over how many squats, lunges or step ups I did that day. I started to wonder about how many I must have done since I started with my trainer 18 or so months ago.

It’s not unusual for Eli to put me through the paces of what amounts to several sets of varying weighted squats or lunges or step ups… usually a combination. For the purpose of this article I’ll choose only one exercise on which to focus solely. Let’s make it squats since my trainer seems to be such a big fan of them.

Let’s say I start with 15 unweighted to warm up, then progress from a set of 20 pound dumbbells for a set of 10 and moving up by 5 pound increments to 45, then back down again. So that’s 110 weighted squats. Not impressed yet? Okay well listen up. That series is typically finished off with a conversation that might go a little something like this…

“That was great. You’re heart rate up? We’ll just finish that off with 80 step ups.” My trainer says as he hands me a 25 pound plate.

“So when you say “WE” does that mean you’re going to do, oh I dunno, let’s say 40 of them?” I snarl in return.

“Ha! Yeah, um no. Let’s go!” He smiles enthusiastically.

So back to the math. Even if I only did that sort of thing once a week (which for the very loudly stated record that IS NOT the case!) that means that over the 18 months that I’ve been being tortured, err I mean trained by Eli that I’ve done 7,920 squats! That’s just squats! I don’t even want to consider step ups, lunges, dead lifts… shall I go on?

So while my husband may think I’m insane to perform the number of reps during a lower body day, I can now explain that the very obvious reason he likes the way I look in my yoga pants or knit dresses is a direct reflection of that obscene number. It might seem crazy when you actually do the math, but I’m defying gravity and I plan to keep stepping up to the task.

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Happy Lifting!

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2 comments for “Lighter Side: Do The Math

  1. Skalil
    December 10, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Got cut off earlier. Odd. Okay so that is so very impressive. My concern is that you and others might be using too many Advil Ibuprofen etc to keep that up. I’m concerned about that. What about you?

  2. December 9, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I’m guilty of doing this type of math as well, except it involves pounds lifted. I worked out how much I lifted one year (roughly). It really is impressive when you break it down like that! Nice post as always Stacia!

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