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I recently learned a new word; vacuuming. I suppose I should point out that it’s not really a new word per se, but rather an action. You see I’m not talking about the noisy chore we all must face from time to time which frightens the cats. This type of vacuuming is about core muscle strength.

“Imagine a string tied from the inside of your belly button to your spine.” My trainer told me as I was doing a series of dead lifts.

“Right now?” I grunted.

“It’s called vacuuming. It helps you control the move AND it improves core strength.” He stated. I love it when he gives me an added challenge at the least likely moment that I’m able to perform it.

We’ve all heard our trainers tell us to suck in our abs while in the middle of any given move. Vacuuming takes this notion one step beyond. It’s something that we can practice at any time of the day or night, and in any company.

Once I had finished my set, I questioned him further about this idea. “So you mean the same thing I do when I’m in a bikini, poolside?” You know the move… the one that makes us look (hopefully) like we HAVEN’T had two kids.

“Exactly! You can do it anytime, anywhere and the best part is that no one is the wiser. I’m doing it right now. Are you?” He had to know that I couldn’t resist poking him in the gut. I gasped when his rock solid abs nearly broke my index finger.

I suppose it’s something that I’ve done unconsciously for years as I tend to wear rather form fitting outfits. I love that I can now give it a name and know that it’s good for more than just how my waistline appears in my completely unforgiving knit dresses.

So I challenge each of you to vacuum all day, every day. Vacuum while you brush your teeth. Vacuum while you are in the grocery store. Vacuum while you cook dinner. Vacuum while you relax reading or watching the tube. Vacuum while you’re at the gym most certainly and yes, even vacuum while you’re vacuuming.

Please pop over to where I contemplate whether there is anything like vacuuming for thighs. I lie! I don’t really contemplate that, but I do cover a wide variety of topics.

Happy Lifting!

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