Lighter Side: Sixty Eight Days To A Bikini Body

Those of you who have been reading my column since I started writing for Lifestyle and Strength will already be aware of my personal challenge. It’s one most women have faced, usually on several occasions. I am physically preparing myself for an early January trip to the Caribbean.

My first article was entitled 100 Days to a Bikini Body. I laid out my plans to get rid of the extra layer I had accumulated over a rather more fun than truly good for me summer.

I wrote about how I would allow myself only one cheat in the month of October and that would be on Halloween. I have a decided weakness for the tiny Crispy Crunch Bars! I also decided that I would add a second cardio to my day whenever possible.

Mostly I have stuck to my plan. Mostly.

I had a rather resounding lapse of judgement on Thanksgiving, but thankfully was able to contain it to one meal. You see, I’m the baker in the family and I tried a new pastry recipe. I felt an obligation, one might even call it a duty… yes that’s it… it was my duty to try the pie.

I’ve realized something important throughout this time. I think it’s worth noting as I’m sure many of you have had a similar revelation at some point in your lives.  I’ve realized that this isn’t just about flattening my abs and lifting the old glutes. It’s more about a promise and commitment to myself.

When I had my slip at Thanksgiving dinner, I was disappointed, not because of the calories which invariably wind up on my rear end. It was because I hadn’t kept my promise to myself.

Obviously I would like to have a tight bod when I head south in January, but respecting myself is infinitely more important in the whole scheme of things. Isn’t it lovely that they work together!

So for the following sixty-eight days I will keep the lifting and cardio as intense as they have been, including the second cardio session when possible. I will seek to improve and tighten the diet because isn’t there always room for improvement on that front? But most importantly in my mind I will endeavor to keep my promises to myself.

Oh yeah, and I promise myself that I will NOT agree to be the baker at Christmas!

Believe it or not, I do think (and write) about topics other than food and fitness! It’s true!

Happy Lifting!

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