Lighter Side: Thirty Days to Bikini Body

christmas-presents-wallpapers_22249_1920x1200A friend and I were recently discussing the upcoming holiday season. We were patting ourselves on the back for being so well prepared and so far in advance. It was right then that I realized how soon I’m heading south. It made me wonder if I was really as well prepared as I thought myself to be.

I’ve been counting down the days for some time in a series of articles right here on this website, but it’s really at the thirty-day mark that it all begins to seem real. All the hard work not only starts to show, but the good habits are even more crucial now. No more goofing around. No more pretending it’s an event you’re protected from by time.

So I’ve never been a big believer in the scale-300x292scale. I mean don’t get me wrong, I do check in from time to time, but for the most part I find clothing and overall feelings of well-being (or not!) are a much more accurate representation of my success (or failure). So on that note… my jeans are fitting absolutely perfectly which in my books is a very good sign! Let’s face it, as opposed to what Shakira says, it’s not your hips that don’t lie… it’s your jeans. It’s that faithful benchmark pair we all keep around to remind us what our rear ends are SUPPOSED to look like (or when things get a little out of control, what they’re NOT supposed to look like:)

After my little lapse at Thanksgiving, my diet has been very tight. So tight in fact that cravings for cheats has fallen by the wayside almost entirely… almost! I’ve decided that regardless of how strict I am with myself, I will always be a foodie at heart. 4863303006_7f49c65a7e_oA fried egg sandwich between two thick slices of toast slathered with mayo is ALWAYS going to sound appealing. Always a foodie at heart… just hopefully not everywhere else too.

So food under control (mostly:) and abs showing that fact rather nicely, I’ve also started to give some thought to how I will not let it “go south” when I go south. One week in paradise has been known to undo a lot of hard work… at least for me.

So my next thirty days will be spent continuing with my regular fitness and clean eating, but I will be adding an element of thoughtfulness to the plan. I am devising a scheme (I really like the “evil genius” sound to that:) for once I arrive at the resort. The plan is to NOT spend all afternoon lounging by the pool. You know the scene. It’s the one where the only crunches occurring are the ones done just prior to performing the time-honored “tanning flip” and the only lifting being of the absolut-bloody-mary1-219x300cocktail variety. The hardest part of devising this plan is coming up with new and fun ways to say “no thanks” to my husband who is always eager to make a trip to the swim up bar.

I suppose I could just say “thanks, I’ll have a VIRGIN bloody mary!” I could… but I’d better work on some other replies just in case.

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Happy Lifting!

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  1. December 16, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Let us know when you get back whether you feel you were successful in your goal of getting/maintaining a bikini body in 100 days Stacia!

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