Lighter Side: Trainers – Good For the Bod and the Brain

When you begin working out with a trainer you expect to be given a workout program designed specifically for you. You expect to garner nutrition tips and be motivated to work a little (or even a lot!) harder than you would while working out alone.

What we maybe don’t always expect are the added benefits of a little psycho therapy… and let’s be honest, WHO among us wouldn’t benefit from a little mental health adjustment from time to time.

Maybe all trainers aren’t like this and I’m not trying to say that my trainer is a qualified therapist, but I will say that he could have chosen it as a career should training not have worked out (Ha! See what I did there?:) The really interesting bit is that his solutions are always SO DAMN SIMPLE!

I might find myself discussing an issue that I’m having with an acquaintance as I start to perform a set of lat pull downs.

“Sounds like a vampire to me Stace… time to cut her loose before she sucks you dry. How many was that?” Isn’t he supposed to be counting the reps?

“11 and 12… You’re totally right! She is sucking me dry. I actually feel tired when I’m with her.” I confess as I stand and release the bar to its hanging position.

“Who told you to stop? Six more. You need to surround yourself with people who support you. Sounds like she’s all take take take. Okay, drop set now.” I glare a little at him although I’m shaking my head in agreement with his statement about my life force sucking friend.

We cover a broad range of topics during my twice weekly sessions under his watchful eye. Sometimes they’re amusing stories we share about our weekend activities, but more often than not they are deeper in nature. Motivation and self-improvement typically forming the foundation of each story shared.

It’s amazing how the dual energy of having enlivening conversation AND challenging physical work can alter a person’s mind set. I’ve walked into the gym spitting nails on more than one occasion and always leave the hour or so later in a completely calm and confident frame of mind.

Since hiring my trainer I’ve most certainly been whipped into the best shape of my life. I’ve undeniably learned more about nutrition than ever before, but the most profound difference to my world has been my newly developed calm sense of self.

Okay fine so he doesn’t count my reps. More importantly he’s breaking down problems, not just fat to manageable proportions. AND I probably get in an extra 5 or 6 pulldowns since I’m too busy seeing the light to bother counting.

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Happy Lifting!

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