Lighter Side: Why We Fall Off the Treadmill

A friend and I were recently discussing our coinciding period of exceedingly high motivation and determination. We were both beaming not only with pride, but also resolve to maintain this level of commitment to our health and fitness.

We discussed our fitness programs and nutrition plans. We compared how each of our families dealt with the adjustments to the cooking schedule, and the sometimes lack of maternal presence while we were hard at work at the gym.

Her family has decided that lentil stew only LOOKS gross, but actually tastes quite good. Given that it’s mostly how we live around here, mine has adjusted quite nicely. I only need to agree to mash the occasional bunch of WHITE potatoes. Oh yes, and I’m told rather adamantly that frozen yogurt apparently does not substitute for ice cream, particularly when maple syrup is involved.

Fitness and healthful eating has been a lifelong pursuit of mine.  With only occasional lapses, I’ve spent most of my adult life at an ideal weight… most of it.

My friend and I idealistically wondered aloud to one another how it was possible that we ever allowed ourselves to fall off the rails.

I’ve been thinking about that conversation ever since.

I’ve decided that there are several reasons that might cause our slip off the fitness wagon. The first of which is likely injury. I would guess that each of us who engages in some form of physical activity has been injured at one point or another.

I’ve had two major falls from the fitness pedestal. Both came hot on the heels of fairly serious injuries. Self induced injuries I might add, but the type that halts you in your tracks.

The inevitable follow-up to injury, in my case at least, is a completely self-indulgent bout of despondency. “I’ll never work out again. I may as well just eat this peanut butter and jam sandwich.” One hand thrown dramatically across my brow, as the other scoops up the generally disallowed decadence.

Thankfully, it never lasts too long, usually just long enough to add a little padding, making my jeans slightly uncomfortable.

The second reason that I believe may cause a fall from fitness grace is party season. This time-honored season may fall at different times for different people, or as is my case, often.

Party season doesn’t need an explanation really does it? We’ve all been there. Wine too many days in a row, hors d’eouvre around every corner and generally not enough sleep.

 Which coincidentally leads to the third reason; lack of sleep. Poor sleeping patterns can occur for any number of reasons. Pain from injury and party season are just two of them. Stress can cause insomnia, as can a partner who snores (definitely a topic for another day!) Just plain old getting older can also disrupt your sleeping patterns, but make no mistake, exhaustion can create major hindrances to your training and overall fitness.

So, reasons duly examined, I am now prepared to recognize the signs of danger of falling off the treadmill. I will do my utmost to remember this feeling of euphoria while my dedication and determination level are high.

Pictures of fitness models firmly secured to the fridge is a good start, but remembering that nothing tastes as good as being lean feels is what always works for me.

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Happy Lifting!

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