Matt Taylor

My background is primarily in music with a large helping of modeling thrown in. I ‘retired’ several years ago and that is when my education with nutrition and training related to both muscle-building and fat loss really started. Since then it has been a never ending quest to learn all that there is to know that isn’t discussed in the major media outlets that deal with fitness. I tend to question what is told to us in general and fitness is no exception. I’m always looking for the truth about what really works and why.

I played in bands beginning in high school until about eight years ago. In that time I remember playing clubs I wasn’t old enough to be in on school nights, releasing my first EP in Europe/Japan, licensing songs to Disney, MTV, and a few movies, writing a theme song for a Sony Playstation game review show that I was an actor in, doing many tours throughout North America including some with Eminem, Ice T, Blink 182 etc, and living in a trailer park in Orange County before every tour due to that being where two of the band members lived. On and on the memories flow, but I want to keep this PG and not get into the rest that came with that lifestyle.

The modeling that I did was more for money I must admit. I never wanted to say I modeled as I didn’t see it as a worthy pursuit at the time. In hindsight I could have done a lot with it if I were wiser. I did a few ad campaigns in Canada like Bell and Molson, was in many editorial shoots in various fashion magazines, did an ad campaign for hair colour in Korea that included both print and tv, and was even on the cover of an American fashion magazine once. Although being painted larger than life on a wall at Adelaide/John was cool, as was walking out my Queen Street apartment one summer night to see a flat-bed truck drive by with three rotating, three-sided ads, all with me as the featured model.

What does this have to do with fitness? Nothing directly, but it helps paint the picture of where I am now, and the kind of life I’m accustomed to. That kind of life is one that’s been lived on the fringes. Lived by the few who want to experience more. The only experience that has ever come close to the raw power of a loud band has been in the gym. There’s a certain intensity that is similar.

I have every intention of continuing to learn as much as I can and have done thousands of hours of research to steer me in the right direction. It’s through this knowledge that I can help others to be better equipped in their quest for ultimate fitness. Join me, and together we’ll all succeed.

Happy Lifting!

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