Motivation To Train

Why do we train? What motivates us as recreational athletes to push ourselves daily? What underlying reason is there for our extreme passion, or worse – obsession, to work so hard at improving our physical selves?

Those that frequent the gym I attend have heard me ask these very same questions. Usually it’s early in the morning, and I’m questioning the state of our general mental health as we all could be sleeping if we so chose. We get ourselves to the gym in the name of building a healthy and strong body. It’s more than that though, because those are both good reasons, but there is more to this than simple logic.

There is something that happens to us when we train. Something gets turned on in us, and until that happens each day we never feel quite right. It’s like there’s something missing until we train, and then we are whole again.

That’s what keeps us coming back for more, even when more seems almost unbearable to think about at times. Is it an obsession, or an addiction, or some compensatory action we use to balance ourselves? In a few extreme examples it may be the first two, but likely for most of us it’s the third option.

Getting back to that something that gets turned on in us when we train, it isn’t turned on just because we lift weights. It’s the perception we receive as a result of the training, or the lifting of those weights. Everything comes into focus in a way that wasn’t there before. Everything in our lives gets put into perspective by the simple act of training.

If this all sounds way too deep for what is happening to us during a session of weight training at the gym, then I’ve a question to ask you: Why do you come back day after day, week after week, and year after year? What may have started as something to prove, or an attempt to get fit, has long since passed. The reasons now are so much more.

That initial motivating force that once got us to the gym has long since vanished, and the true nature of our passion has taken root. Now that passion has grown to the point where we can no longer imagine a life without weight training. It will always be a great way to relieve stress, and be healthy, and social as well, but for us it’s so much more.

Of course we want to look great, be healthy, have more energy, and live a long life. I’m not for an instant saying that these reasons aren’t valid. I’m just suggesting that at our core there is something within each of us that is different.

Happy Lifting!

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