Muscle-Building and Pre-Training Supplements

1. Imbalanced androgen hormones, such as too much estrogen – which is very common in men also, and too little testosterone is a big stumbling block to strength gains and muscle growth in the gym. Folic acid helps clear excess estrogen from the body and restore androgen balance. This is important because everyone is bombarded with chemical estrogens that are found in many plastic and petroleum products and even certain forms of natural estrogen will cause tissue damage. Too much estrogen in both men and women can affect the growth and health of cells, especially, prostate, breast, and uterine cells. Balancing the androgen hormones will help to make you more anabolic, which leads to better muscle mass building, strength gains and supports a more muscular, leaner physique.

2. Take a mixture of carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid to help energize you and boost your brain. Carnitine is one of the better brain supplements because it supports dopamine levels and elevates energy. The increased dopamine will provide extra motivation to push for more reps which will equate to more muscle size and muscular endurance. It also helps burn fat and moderate hormone levels, especially elevating low testosterone, while modifying cortisol to bring it up if it is low in the morning, or down if it is too high in the afternoon or evening.

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that can pass easily into brain cells to restore brain function and tissue. It helps transport the carnitine to the cells. The lesser known nutrients benfotiamine and biotine can be taken with ALA because they all work together to get you ready to train.

3. Consume green tea for an alternative caffeine source that provides an amazing number of antioxidants and has many health benefits including lowering chronic inflammation. The caffeine and the natural chemicals in green tea make it a stimulant, but it also manages anxiety, making it a useful anti-fatiguer. Green tea improves the potency of carnitine, which I reviewed above as acetyl-l-carnitine.

If you feel jittery taking a caffeine supplement, or drinking coffee, try drinking green tea pre-training. Once you feel the benefits you may want to consider a green tea supplement because this will provide a greater concentration of catechins, which are the really excellent antioxidants in green tea—they’ve been shown to improve heart and periodontal health—yes, better teeth with green tea. Not to mention the fat burning effects.

Happy Lifting!

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