The Muscle-Building And Fat Loss Article

build-muscleThis year was a big one for the those of us here at Lifestyle and Strength. We saw that you who read here regularly are very much interested in two things: building muscle and losing fat to get the ultimate strong and lean body. We of course were happy to give you exactly what you wanted and spent the year writing and recording posts that focused on just that. In this, The Muscle-Building And Fat Loss Article, I would like to draw you attention to some articles and series that you may have missed that will absolutely give you fresh insight and information that will certainly get you to your goal much faster.

A lot of questions were answered to clear up several misunderstandings like:

How do muscles grow?

Is there a difference between functional and non-functional hypertrophy?

best-muscle-build-workout2Is training to failure necessary to build muscle mass?

Can overtraining actually help you build muscle?

Do exercise induced hormones help you build more muscle?

What’s the truth about the anabolic window?

What is the best macronutrient ratio to build muscle?

Colin, who wrote several of the above articles also talked about his carb-backloading experience.

I put exercises against each other to see which was better like the squat vs the leg press.

Dara talked about all kinds of fitness and fat loss related subjects like cheat meals, diet journaling, diet mistakes you need to stop making and how to read food labels, as well as making her weekly video debut. Dara also began writing a very popular weekly meal plan series that outlines how to eat like a fitness model as well as a weekly recipe.

danielle3Dara, Colin and myself as well as others talked about almost everything there is to know about fat loss and muscle-building in the Roundtable discussions we do weekly.

There of course will be much more that we look forward to bringing you. Until next time my friends,

Happy Lifting!

This article was researched and written by Matt Taylor

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