Muscle: Hypertrophy Benefits Of Vitamin-C

When we perform weight training sessions, free radicals are created in the body. Free radicals are basically metabolic waste products that attack the cells of our body. When free radicals attack our cells like this it is called free radical damage. Vitamin-C is a strong antioxidant, and it will fight these free radicals by either stopping their creation, or by reducing their effects.

The stress of everyday life or weight lifting also triggers a catabolic hormone known as cortisol. In terms of muscle-building and fat loss, cortisol is bad for us, and something that we should try to avoid. Cortisol actually breaks down muscle tissue to use for energy, and tends to promote extra fat storage especially around our mid section. It also reduces the recovery ability of our muscles after our workouts, and interferes with nutrient transport to your muscles. Another one of the benefits of vitamin-C is it reduces the production of cortisol in your body.

Getting sick is the last thing anyone wants, especially those of us that train. We won’t be able to train at our peak, or worse-we may not be able to workout at all. Our diet will probably suffer too, and losing a few pounds is common as well. Once again vitamin-C works to reduce the chance of us getting sick.

Another benefit of vitamin-C supplements is that when taken near a workout, our muscles won’t become as sore afterwards. Vitamin-C will increase the absorption of iron in your body. Iron is used to bind oxygen to hemoglobin in our blood, and is vital if we want to perform an intense weight training session with all available energy.

Another very noteworthy benefit of vitamin-C is that it assists in the creation of natural anabolic steroids in our body. The amount of muscle that we are physically able to build relies on how much of this natural steroid hormone we have in our body. For those of us that train, the more the better.

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