Now that all of the Holidays have passed, I am back to work and back into my routine. Wake at 4:45 am, have a shake, get my meals together, check my email and twitter and then I’m at the gym for the six am opening.

This week I was going to talk about my training with some help from JC and tell you all about how it has evolved since working with him. I was going to explain how my workouts have changed and my training now varies week-to- week. I decided to save that for another week as I feel there is something far more pressing and important to talk about; diet. More specifically, going back to Christmas and how I not only did not weigh in, but went a little overboard on dinner.

Thursday of this past week will be myself and JC’s refeeds, as well as weigh ins. I won’t delve too deep into this topic as that is JC’s side of things, all I will say is that I had doubts going in as to my progress. I feel leaner, stronger, than before, but not weighing in and “cheating” with Christmas planted a seed in my subconscious.

You ate too much. You’re not doing enough cardio. You’re not lifting intensely enough to deserve two days off. You’re going to fail. These were all whispering in my ear leading up to this weeks weigh in.

I learned that I need to stick with my diet and routine as much as I possibly can. It might feel good to cheat, you might be dying for a burger or turkey dinner or whatever it may be, but do not give in, because you will regret it! I will not ever be tempted to cheat again knowing now how I felt the next day. Let me tell you, I do not wish that feeling on anyone, because it is awful, but also hard to describe.

Before the Christmas break, I weighed in at 177 pounds, which at the time was a record low for me. After Christmas, this past Thursday to be exact, I weighed in at…ready for this? 173.6 pounds! I couldn’t believe it, I checked the scaled three times! I cannot remember the last time I weighed under 180 let alone this close to 170! Did I screw up my weight loss? No. Did I screw up my confidence? Absolutely! I need that confidence in order to pursue this, and I’m not going to do anything to risk losing it again.

So my advice to you is stick with it. It will be hard. Your friends will razz you, try to get you to “try this”, “just have one”, and yes, “one” will not alter your goals, will two? Three? Half a dozen? Afterwards, how will you feel? I’ve been there at Christmas, and while I did enjoy my family and relaxing while eating dinner, the aftermath was constant stress and a couple of sleepless nights.

I haven’t told JC about my extreme paranoia, but when he reads this he will find out. What I can guarantee him and all of you reading this right now, is that this diet is the hardest thing both mentally and physically I have ever done in my life. That is even including overcoming the effects of a stroke.

I will not jeopardize how hard JC or I have worked on it for any amount of junk food or delicious sugary treats in the world. I feel better knowing that I can overcome a day of bad eating and still reach my goals, all the more reason why I know I need to steer clear of them and stay the course. What would I be at if I hadn’t done that on Christmas? Lesson learned.

Happy Lifting!

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