My Journey: Dieting During The Holidays

1991387-feasting-backed-turkey-on-holiday-table-ready-to-eatThe holidays are over and done with, and we all admit to eating too much. (some of us on more than one occasion) As we start to wind down from the holiday buzz that we have all been so high on for the last month, I decided to take a different approach for my column this week. I was going to tell how difficult it was to diet through the holidays, but I did that already with my son’s birthday, so nothing new to report here. Another topic was going to be how much I ate on Christmas Day and how guilty I felt afterwards, (a lot and very) but I realized that everyone did that and I’m sure you all felt guilty about it too, so why bother?

Instead, my topic this week is going to center around an issue that has recently developed in my household since I started dieting, and I think those of you who are in relationships may be able to relate to this; dinner!

Before, and even when I first started working with JC, I would come home from work and dinner would be waiting for me on the table. Whatever my partner Holly had decided we would have would be made and waiting for me on a plate when I got home. Things are different now. thanks-tupperwareAs my diet is unique to myself only in my household, (I don’t expect anyone to eat the way that I do, nor do I try to convince anyone to) I make my own dinner ahead of time and eat it when it’s time to. Simple, right? It turns out that it is not so simple after all.

In the beginning this caused a major uproar in our house. Holly (who is an excellent cook, I’m always telling her she needs to open a restaurant someday) has said to me she doesn’t know how to cook for one person, so she wasn’t going to take the time to make an elaborate dinner just for herself. Eventually, after some convincing, I told her my eating meals of my own preparation would not be permanent. Doing so was to be only during my diet phase. After May of next year I would be back to dinner as usual! With some coaxing and help with ideas for dinners for one, all is well at home now as well as with my unique eating protocol.

Try to remember this little story if you’re ever faced with this issue. healthy-man2-1Not everyone has to follow your diet; just you do! Situations like this are better handled with an open mind and helpful ideas rather than a quick “No! This is my diet! I need to follow it and so do you!” This is not the answer to the problem. There is always a solution, it just may require some imagination and preparation!

Happy Lifting!

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3 comments for “My Journey: Dieting During The Holidays

  1. Luke Aubin
    December 31, 2012 at 5:19 am

    I do carry some influence now that I’m in far better shape haha and the landsacpe is starting and I’m sure will continue to change as far as choices go at home, little changes can make a big difference!

  2. December 29, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    I agree with Colin that it would be ideal if everyone ate like ‘us’, but I find that our diet tends to influence the family diet too. If I’m ranting about how such and such is less than ideal to have as a nutrition source, and give good reasons, I notice that those items tend to not be around as much.

  3. December 29, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    Good stuff Luke! This is a very common problem especially if one side isn’t on board with the idea. It would be ideal if everyone would be willing to eat what we eat but that’s not realistic for many. I’m blessed to have a wife who’s willing to eat healthy with me. I’m not quite in the spot you are with competitions to train for so I can be a little more open, but we both generally cook very healthy for each other. Then we can choose what portions work for us. 🙂 Good advice!

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