My Journey: The Journey Continues…

im_back1Back again! I’m not sure how many of you are even still interested in me but I thought a month was a long enough break. I had hoped I would get less busy by taking a break, but, in fact, I’m even busier now than ever. I figured I might as well return to writing, and Matt was gracious enough to allow me to do so.

So here I sit, 6 weeks out from show day, May 18th. I have changed my workouts on the advice of JC to more full body style, 5 days a week, to make sure I’m getting the most out of depleting (and refeeds!) The refeeds have also been changed to Saturdays now.

I’m leaner than ever, but still hovering around the 170lb mark, training abs every morning and doing my HIIT cardio, both of which I have come to enjoy doing immensely. Now that I have visible abs for the first time its enjoyable to train them, and I push myself harder during cardio than ever before because I know the results will follow.

I find myself in a dilemma however, not to put the cart before the horse as I know I need to focus on May 18th, but I find myself puzzled by the approaching offseason. I’m planning on only competing once this year, but that could change depending on how this show goes. Offseason is a time for building. Building your weak areas up, and refining your strong points to make the most aesthetic and muscular physique possible. With this being said, I will have a hard time with this concept for the simple fact that as I said before, this is the first time I’ve ever had visible abs. I mean ever, in my life. Sure when I was in highschool I was in shape, but I played offensive line, abs didn’t matter, moving people did.

pool-ready-absDo I say goodbye to my abs and build like crazy? Or do I try to hang on to them and build slowly, while trying to maintain a low body fat percentage and keeping my hard-earned abdominal muscles to show off in the summer? By the pool, at the beach, doing yard work, wherever it may be, I know that I will never be embarrassed about taking my shirt off again, and this idea excites me beyond all other things. The fact that I know how much hard work it takes and how much hard work I put in will make it that much sweeter for me when I lay down at the pool and pull my shirt off.

But one thing at a time, May 18th is in front of me, so before I go day dreaming about laying by a pool with a ripped midsection, I’ve still got a lot of work to do.

Happy Lifting!

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