Natural Bodybuilding With JC: Alcohol

Weight-LiftingI live in a college town, so alcohol is a large part of the youth culture around these parts. There are bars galore and liquor stores on most major corners. Even gas stations and pharmacies stock enough booze to be considered liquor stores. We also have two major national liquor stores, Binny’s and Friar Tuck.

No matter what gym you go to here in town, Friday evening will be deserted. The few that do workout on Friday evenings occupy their time talking about how they need to hurry and get out of there so they can go drinking. As if putting in their time at the gym will cancel out the hours of alcohol consumption that will follow. In contrast, Monday evenings are the busiest at the gym – with many patrons sharing stories of their weekend exploits, trying to burn away the evils of the weekend. These are the same people you will see in the gym the week before spring break doing nothing but cardio and ab exercises.

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