I can’t hide from it – people just want to know what I eat. I’m starting to feel that maybe the secrets of the universe and eternal youth may very well be found within the macronutrient ratios of my daily diet. Only with careful manipulation and the right combination of foods can you unlock these secrets.  I am a wizard – a warlock – a mage….here is one spell I practice:


150g fat free Greek yogurt

100g blueberries

20g natural peanut butter

1 scoop whey

Snack 1:

2 whole eggs

6 egg whites


6oz cooked chicken

Half Avocado


Snack 2:

1 scoop wheyUnknown

6 egg whites

5g coconut oil

(Blended and cooked into a pancake)


2 cans of tuna cooked into patties


Post workout:

1 scoop whey

80g oats

Bed time:

1 cup cottage cheese

Carbs? Believe me, I get plenty from grazing on cereal, animal crackers, and jelly spooned form the jar.

Did it blow your mind? I didn’t think so.

Happy Lifting!

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