NGA Pro Jason Kaiman Interview Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the interview with Jason Kaiman. I asked Jason to elaborate on his training style to give us some insight into how someone can attain the kind of physique that Jason has. His dedication to hard work, and love of the sport are also key ingredients to his physical package. Let’s see what Jason does to keep his body growing and responding.

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JK  As a Natural Pro Bodybuilder, I would like to say I don’t have a best body part, since symmetry is so important. As far as what seems to stand out for me, it is my back. I train every body part the same way, depending on the workout I am doing. 10 sets, 5 sets, 6 reps to 25 reps-I change the amount of sets, and reps for each body part, within the same workout. That means that from exercise to exercise my sets and reps change, I don’t do a constant four sets for 10 reps for example. Also my workouts change every four weeks and I am constantly challenging the muscle.

A great workout is the 6, 12, 25 program. For example if I did back, I would do six pronated grip chins, with an eccentric count of four. Then immediately move to 12 reps of dumbell rows, followed by 25 reps of pullovers. I then rest for two minutes, and repeat four more times. I do this workout about every four months for three weeks, and it is a killer. I do it for my whole body for those three weeks; chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders, calves, and abs.

A great shock workout to do like once every six months is the 10 exercise workout. For example, for legs:  squats, front squats, box squats, leg curls, straight leg dead lifts, lunges, leg press, split squats, standing leg curls, and walking lunges. I do each exercise for 10 reps, moving immediately to the next exercise. One set is 10 exercises for 10 reps each, rest for two minutes, and do two more times. You will not walk right for four or five days!

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