Omega 3’s For Stress, Muscle Growth

Omega 3 fish oils are proven to decrease inflammation in the body, and studies suggest they can help also fight the sensations of chronic stress. A series of recent studies have shown omega 3’s will elevate glutathione, and they are particularly good at protecting the body when exposed to debilitating physical stress.

One study found that giving omega 3’s to rats at birth after they had been exposed to chronic alcohol as fetuses resulted in restored glutathione levels as well as regular brain function. A control group that didn’t receive omega 3’s had much lower antioxidant status, and brain damage was evident. A second study showsed omega 3’s can eliminate oxidative stress, and raise glutathione after a heart attack.

In addition, there’s robust evidence that the omega 3 DHA is highly effective at decreasing inflammation in the brain, which can lead to better cognitive function and lowered feelings of psychological stress and depression. Omega 3 supplementation has also been found to decrease the acute stress response from intense strength training, leading to less inflammation and a faster recovery.

To get stress reduction benefits, take a large dose. Rat studies have shown the best benefits from doses as high as 500 mg per kg of body weight a day. Human studies have always used lower doses, but research shows that as much as nine grams a day can be therapeutic.

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