Stacia Carlton

I’ve been writing creatively since early high school. I’ve been studying the art of writing creatively since late high school, after a particularly disastrous poem about horses. I no longer write poetry.

I’ve written two novels and am mid way through my third. They all examine the human condition. I never cease to be amazed by human emotion and what havoc or joy it may cause in its wake.

I’ve been working out since I was 16 years old. Right around the time that I gave up competitive sports for competitive partying. I quickly discovered that without sports, I began to feel sluggish. To say nothing of what I saw happening to my figure. After a brief stint with aerobics classes (c’mon it was the 80’s!) I knew I needed and wanted more. I hit the weights room and after more than 30 years I have never looked back. I strongly believe in engaging the services of a personal trainer to ensure not only correct technique, but also to keep your motivation level high.

I enrolled in a diploma course in food and nutrition at a Toronto college and graduated with honours. It has allowed me to augment my fitness regime with healthy yet delicious meals for myself and my family. My ultimate goal of combining my two passions is now beginning to be realized by being offered this opportunity to write weekly columns for Lifestyle and Strength.

I continue to write creatively and blog about it at You will find samples of my fiction work there. I encourage you to visit my site and sign up for updates.

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