The same way we can’t out-train a bad diet, we can’t out-supplement a lack of training effort. This assumes you have the basics of nutrition taken care of: you don’t eat processed or refined foods, are smart about carbohydrate intake focusing on vegetables and limited whole grains, get high-quality protein at every meal, and eat a good dose of smart fats daily.

That said, workout nutrition is the second step to getting more from training, because first you have to make working out a lifestyle habit. Then you can focus on shaping your nutrition and supplementation so that you burn more fat, have more energy, and optimize lean body mass gains.

At most, even the best supplement regime will provide you with an extra five percent advantage. That may be the difference maker if you’re already doing everything correctly, and need that final push to get you there. On their own though, supplements are just that, an addition to an already great training and nutrition lifestyle that is already near perfect. When that is the case, supplements are the proverbial icing on the metaphorical cake.


Happy Lifting!


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