One of the more common phrases spoken by someone who is not an avid exercise addict like we all are is that they want to get fit. Like getting fit is some sort of destination that we all can get to. Similar to building a house or making a bed, in the minds of these sedentary daydreamers, they think that once they get fit that they have arrived and all the work is done. I have some bad news for those that have this belief, there is no such thing as getting fit, there is something similar. It’s a lot more work though and it’s called being fit.

I’m guilty of this sin as much as anyone. Just like you, I want results yesterday and charting the course for a very long journey to not exactly a concrete destination can cause anyone including myself, to occasionally spin my wheels inside my mind for a while just trying to come to terms with this concept. Even when you get to the destination, it isn’t a permanent one. Maintaining a goal of any sort in the world of fitness requires just as much work as it does to ‘get there’. Personally I don’t even try to maintain the status quo of attempting to keep my physique at any one place. It’s pretty much time to choose a new goal for me once I arrive at whatever destination I set my mind to. Working really hard to stay in the same place just defies logic in my opinion.

So it is with great difficulty that I come to the realization that every day I am on a continuous mission for whatever it is that I seek. As soon as I get a glimpse of my target, I narrow my focus and even further steal my resolve. Then, just as I get a fleeting glimpse of the rare creature known as The Goal, off I am in the search for another. Once you’ve begun this hunt, you’re never really satisfied. I want to capture as many as I can. I’m not likely to just stay at that goal and bask in the accomplishment for long.

It’s patience that makes the seemingly endless chase possible. A casual observer might wonder what the point of all this work is for nothing that’s tangible, at least not in a physical sense. At the end of the day there isn’t anything you can hold in your hand and say ‘there, I worked for this and here it is!’. A cynic would probably call it a monumental waste of time. Not us though. We’re a different breed.

By us I mean the us that actually crave the work, the sweat and even the pain. Some of us almost have no choice in this matter. I’m in that category so don’t feel alone if you are too. What I’m talking about are those that have to train. There’s just something in us that needs feeding, and the only thing it wants is for us to train.

This too calls for patience. The patience to constantly manage your diet so that training hard is always possible. The prioritizing of what’s important to us in our life, but rarely if ever at the expense of our training, also requires patience. Not to mention the patience required by your loved ones who must tolerate this. Many a gym widow and widower there are in this world.

Working towards any goal requires a massive commitment of time and usually money. Those reading this with multiple degrees as is becoming more and more commonplace in this new economy, know exactly what I’m talking about. You devoted all of your available time and resources in the hope of one day landing a great job to build a life on. This is where your commitment to training differs in some aspects.

Sure they both require patience. That’s what this article is about so of course there’s that commonality. There was a clear goal and motivating force driving you to get that education though. That all becomes murky and grey when trying to draw similarities to your passion for fitness.

There are the intangibles like the confidence you exude as a result of possessing a strong and healthy body. There are few things that feel as good that you can truly call your own. Material possessions like a car or a house, are they really yours? Or put another way, are they really you? They may represent you or protect you to some degree, but neither will represent nor protect you like that strong body that is actually you will.

It’s actually the physical you that we as humans form a first impression of, and it’s that first impression that can color our interpretation of your actions and intentions from that moment forward. I’m not saying that it’s right, but the reality is that we see you before we get to know you. If you are feeling good about yourself and are in a healthy place physically and mentally, then quite frankly that essentially radiates from you and others want to be around you.

You will attract others that also embody these qualities as a result and through that synergistic relationship, you both become stronger. You both will become more. On and on this goes. So while you can’t necessarily hold what it is you accomplish with your training in your hand, there are other benefits which are immeasurable.

To bring this all back to the point that I’m hoping you take away from this is that you need to be patient, and take each step for what it is. It’s a step towards a better you. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and your training is no different. So stay focused, stay patient and keep moving forward. Until next time,

Happy Lifting!

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