The Get Fit And Lean Program For Those Who Hate Exercise

Happy Sunday loyal reader, and welcome to this weeks edition of The Sunday Quickie. This week I’d like to look at some of the reasons that some folk have for not exercising. So enjoy what I hope is becoming your new weekend ritual…

This is the fodder of every fad diet you see on those magazine covers featuring the latest ridiculous claims guaranteeing unbelievable results with a minimum of exercise, all the while being allowed to eat whatever you want. Obviously they don’t work, never have worked and never will work. The average person is just so hardwired to find the easy way out of doing hard work that these claims will forever be served to the gullible, and willingly consumed. It’s in our nature to want the most for the least. Why should we do more than we need to, I agree. With diet and exercise there is no such thing as an easy way to great results unfortunately.

The average person legitimately wants to enjoy the results of a fit and lean body. That’s precisely why the reality is that fad diet after fad diet will continue to make more and more outrageous claims, and the typical consumer will forever fall for it. These diet claims are successful time after time because at our core, we as people want to be healthy and vital. There are just some obstacles that stand in the way for some.

It really isn’t the result of a lack of desire that your regular everyday non exercising person neglects their health. One of the first factors in this equation is knowledge. That is a variable that those of us that train regularly with a passion are likely to not consider. Those of us with an aptitude for fitness forget that there are those that are not naturally inclined to understand how to go about getting fit. From everything I’ve read on the subject, we tend to gravitate to what we are good at. It’s a rarity to really enjoy doing something that is a struggle to accomplish, and for that reason I have to cut the non training person some slack.

Another common reason for those that avoid training, especially in an environment such as a gym, is a lack of confidence. Walking into a gym full of fit and strong bodies that all look like they know what to do and how to do it can be an intimidating experience for the uninitiated. Those that take pride in their appearance can often come off as aggressive or arrogant in the gym as well. If you work hard on your body then there is no better or more appropriate place to display the hard work you have put in. This will just further alienate those that may be self conscious about their physical selves.

Of course there are any number of reasons why some people don’t have the same enthusiasm towards training as we do. The real reason is most likely that we simply love to train and others may not. That’s all fine and good because to each his or her own. Remember that the next time you read a headline that says I Lost 100 Pounds in 12 Days Eating Ice Cream. Some people just aren’t cut out for the same things that we are. Have a great Sunday and,

Happy Lifting!


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