Hello and welcome to another beautiful day at this corner of the internet. If you haven’t already noticed, the weather is of little importance to my perspective on life, because in my world the sun is always shinning. The pace around these parts has been fast and furious lately. The changes are happening at a rate that I can barely keep up to, so the days have been long ones for everyone involved in the MattToronto world. The reason for all of this striving for more, is we are trying our best to keep up with you! Your support and interest has been amazing, and I owe each of you a sincere thank you!

The aim is to keep giving you what you want, and with quality and integrity always the goal You have met both Mrs Toronto, who now heads up the recipe department, as well as Carlos Toronto who has taken on all of the research involving the three muscle days – Muscle Monday, and the two Muscle Talk posts every week. I personally have been really enjoying the calibre of their work, as I feel it has translated into a better quality of article for you to read, and for me to write as well.

There is another member of Team MattToronto that has joined in a more official capacity. I’d like to introduce you all to Andrew Toronto, who has been helping to steer this ship since day one, but recently has taken a more hands on role. It is a pleasure to work with him, as he is a friend first and foremost. That has made the rest of our developing relationship that much easier to grow. I look forward to continuing to move ahead into the future with these great people, as when we all get pushing together as individuals, the result is a better whole.

I also want to talk a bit about the Products Matt Toronto Uses header up there at the top of the page. This has been put in place in an attempt to answer the many questions I get about protein, supplements, vitamins, exercise equipment and even motivation that I myself use to keep making progress in my fitness, health and life in general. It is a way to let you into my home, and let you see what I have in my kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers, closets – especially the front closet where I keep all of the gear I use for outdoor training.

In Toronto, the weather is never consistent. It honestly has been summer like since February, so ‘winter’ training still happens during those colder months. When time allows, I’ll list all of the winter gear I use, and equipment too. Right now I’m having a tough time listing everything I use on a day to day basis. By the time you read this however, I’ll have a good amount up and have the links working to make getting what you need easier.

One site in particular Mrs Toronto and I are both huge fans of is Well.ca. Most everything in our home up here in the sky is delivered from their service. Regardless of what country you live in, give their site a looking over for everything you need. They deliver free of charge anywhere in Canada and the US. Check the link under the header as Mrs Toronto has made an arrangement with them to get you $10 off your your next purchase.I will repeat that we are not endorsed by these products. The plan is to help anyone interested in the lifestyle that we promote here, to become more familiar with the products that we use. Not to mention, shopping online saves valuable time that I would rather be spending with my kids, than in line at a grocery store.

Something else that is on the horizon is video. We are working out the details to be able to bring you quality video of that will allow me to demonstrate exercises and systems that I use that words are not good enough to describe in an article. Some of the basics regarding form are likely also worth going over as well. Those of us that began training at a young age did what worked, not necessarily what was right. Even if your technique is impeccable, anyone from the beginner to the advanced will be able to find something for themselves once we start the camera rolling. Look for video content this fall.

I for one am very excited, although also slightly nervous about this new venture. I’m really excited to be able to reach a wider audience due to the convenience of video. I also hope to be able to help the loyal and true reader that has been with me all along to learn new exercises. There are many that are far to difficult to describe, so a demonstration is really the only effective avenue to display them.

The nervousness part is simply the fact that it will be me addressing you and demonstrating the exercises. I’m sure that nervous excitement will all be a distant memory by the time the first clip is put up here. I have a habit of stressing over the details, because it’s extremely important to me to bring you the best in my abilities of everything that is featured here. You can count on that same approach to the videos that we will be making.

I think I have covered most of what has been front and center here at MattToronto this week. A lot has been done, and there is even more to do. I’d love to here from you regarding anything you want to see covered here if it hasn’t been already. The comments section sign in has been disabled – it still is there, but just ignore it, and you can go straight to commenting. No signing in or waiting is yet another change in the attempt to make things better for you! It’s a small one, but they all add up to be a better experience. Thanks as always for tuning in to this station today, and check back in tomorrow for the Sunday Quickie featuring new recipes from the kitchen of Mrs Toronto. Until then my friends,

Happy Lifting!

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